Where it started...

We started out 21st Century Tribe as part of a college project to create a business plan that involved planning how we would execute the idea to make it successful. For the assignment we decided to create a platform that supported aspiring artists by providing them with a space to showcase their work, also for people to share their journeys as a light of inspiration for the people around the world to believe in themselves.

The idea came around from seeing huge amounts of potential within our community in Derby, however no space existed that could enable the energy to thrive. We conducted research and organised a meeting with the local creatives that were hosting music events at the time, supporting the underground scene. They inspired us to create something where we could harness all of the creativity coming from our city. 21st Century Tribe could represent the people and in doing so we would set out to make short films interviewing each of those who inspire us, and talk about their own individual journey to achieve and progress.  


We strongly believe humans need to be connected. When we stick together we can generate more power and passion which can reach even more people.

In our own journey, we took inspiration from short films like Living off the wall - A series by Vans that explores a variety of people from different cultures, who are achieving their dreams. The films project a positive message to people that you can achieve whatever you desire with passion and determination. People talking about their struggles and how they over came them to find their passions and purpose through a short film, could create a wave of motivation to people around the world. The idea seemed so simple yet so effective. We aimed out to make this happen within our own community. 

Our first documentary was called 'Welcome to the Underground' and it consisted of documenting the local DJ's, events and atmosphere within Derby City. We spoke to Discotech, Class and Tekonta which were all raves that were going off at the time. When we first stumbled across Discotech it was like entering a whole new world. We walked through a pub playing 70's and 80's pop tunes to get to the back yard which was a rave playing house and soul music. So unexpected

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