A camera is one of the most powerful ways of delivering a message to a large amount of people in a short space of time. 


There are so many talented individuals who are making positive and inspiring movements who are often overlooked because they aren’t famous. 

We aim to steer people away from celebrity culture, and hope to give a spot light to everyday people and creatives who are passionate and determined to make a difference in this world. 


21st Century Tribe is inspired by the roots of original tribal cultures leading back millennia. It began with breaking down the elements of our basic needs as sentimental beings. When researching, we made the conclusion that music, food, fashion and dance are all elements that bring us together as a community. Modern society can often be isolating with technology consuming all aspects of life. We endeavour to focus on the tribes of the 21st century. To show that culture and community still exists amongst us.


Our mission is to create a movement of empowerment by telling people’s stories visually. No matter how big or small, we believe your voice is important. Your words are important. We want to bridge the connection between people by providing this space as a platform for artists, activists, explorers, dreamers and do’ers to share their light into the world.


We fight for equality, for peace and for justice. Capturing this visually is how we give back to the world. We hope to unite people and create a solid community where anyone is welcome.

Will you join the tribe?

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