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We introduce Beetone as one of the most talented and hard working musicians to be up and coming into the game this year. The young comedic hip hop lover from Derby has been making tracks for 10 years in a shed in his garden that he has transformed into a place he can work and record. Making all of his own music videos and EP covers prior to Chapter One, Beetone is someone who particularly inspires us as he uses his drive in music as a way to push himself into a better way of life. He is truly underrated.

His lyrics talk about growing up around drugs, poverty, crime and mental health and addiction from a young age and explore political beliefs and social structures. Celebrating stoner culture through his music he is honest and melodic with clever flows and rhyming schemes turning his experiences into ballads. He produces, sings, raps, manages events, runs a label called the Dystopian District, mentors young people, and is involved with a mental health campaign running in Nottingham. The guy balances incredible amounts and we are proud to have him on board with 21CT. We are looking forward to more collaborations very soon! 

Chapter One was a £0 budget and was all filmed in the space of a few hours over two days editing on road. We met for the first time at an intense point where we had a potential 2 day turn around of making the video as he was facing a court case. Adventuring into an abandoned theatre that remains stand in Derby city, we stumbled across a group of boys exploring the different levels. We ended up getting them involved with this project and had fun in the process. We can't wait to do some proper work with some serious planning to make it pop off this year! Beetone x 21CT incoming 

Sadly one week later one of the boys in the production died by falling off the roof of the same building so we want to take the chance to give thanks for the brief time we knew him. Rest in peace Adam


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Indika is a youthful, passionate, dedicated DJ and music enthusiast with a firey flare to her sets, she is bringing the heat to the Manchester music scene. She is in our top list of DJ's to go and watch live. Her heavy jungle rollers will send shivers down any ravers spine. Truly atmospherical sets that go in hard from the beginning to the end. Starting out on Bloc 2 Bloc Radio, Indika is now taking over the UK's venues and performing at some of the best parties in Manchester. Look out for her appearances on the line ups in 2019. This young diva is about to blow 


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